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Union 3 Fashion

For 35 years now we are leaders in women’s fashion, designing and manufacturing ready-to-wear garments.

the Company

Union 3 Fashion S.A.’ was established in Thessaloniki in 1985 by V.Christianopoulos, N.Papathanasiou and Th.Papas, all graduates of Thessaloniki’s Business School.

Since 2009, the second generation business owners are in charge; M.Christianopoulos, graduate of Imperial College London and Th. Papathanasiou, graduate of ESMOD University Paris.

Union 3 Fashion specializes in the design and manufacture of ready-to-wear women garments for all ages. The production is based on customers’ designs as well as the company’s own collection which is renewed with many samples every month.

On the whole, the production capacity of the company is 3-4 million units per year and the annual turnover is normally between 12-15 million Euros. Union 3 Fashion exports its products in many distinguished companies within the European Union. Particularly, some of its main customers are based in Germany, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, France and Scandinavia.